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To all of my sisters and brothers in CHRIST,

I am extremely honored that our GOD has chosen me to serve as a spearhead in this assignment. I am also abundantly thankful for your obedience to HIS moving by HIS SPIRIT on your heart, to financially contribute. I pray that FATHER will shower you with HIS Richest Blessings, continuing to anoint you for HIS Good Work. I will serve GOD with my whole heart in this matter, by being an extraordinary blessing to the Body of CHRIST according to HIS Eternal Will. I beseech you by the Mercies of GOD that you would also devote yourselves to HIS Service with the same unrelenting fervor. We will work together to impose the Purposes of GOD upon our society, to greatly imperil the works of our adversary and to impact our children and the coming generations with the Awesome Reality of GOD, which will now be clearly seen and experienced in and through us.


Please be advised that contributions of any size can be made by an individual, a family, a fellowship or ministry.

My deepest thanks,
A. Julius Culbreath


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