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Simple Steps

1.  Join – One Nation Under GOD Forever.Com

2.  Learn about the issues and check site for updates – REGULARLY

3.  Tell every believer about this website and movement/crusade

4.  Meet/assemble for prayer, briefings and planning

A. Homes

B. Churches

C. CHRIST-ian Schools

D. Libraries

E. Seminaries

F. Parks

5.  Internet Parties (for those without internet access)

6.  Encourage and exhort one another

7.  Send  COUNTLESS e-mails, letters and faxes

8.  Plan marches*

9.  Plan rallies*

10.  Plan demonstrations*

8-10…May require permits***

11. Make  SCORES of telephone calls

12. Educate and recruit others.

13. Post operations and progress/results.


Get Involved Now!


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